Bossman Games LMS 5XP Jubilee Class

Is now available on Bossman Games

Bossman Games, best known for their renewed Black 5 for Train Simulator comes out with a LMS 5XP Jubilee Class Steam Locomotive.

Designed by William Stanier in 1932 and build by LMS Crewe Works, LMS Derby Works and North British Loco between 1934 and 1936, 191 loco’s of this Class have been build, more information can be found on Wikipedia about the history and construction of this class of locomotives.

Key Features
Bossman Games have invested a lot of time into this Steam Locomotive, below is a list of the key features.

  • All 191 Jubilee nameplates
  • Authentic audio recorded from 45690 Leander and other LMS designs
  • 6 authentic liveries:
    • London, Midland & Scottish Railway
      • Crimson Lake
      • Post-War Black
      • Black & Chrome (5552 Silver Jubilee only)
      • Experimental Blue
    • British Railways
      • Green
      • Black
  • Tenders
    • Stanier 4,000 Gallon Tenders
      • LMS Crimson – welded & rivetted tanks
      • LMS Post-War Black – welded & rivetted tanks
      • LMS Experimental Blue – rivetted tanks
      • BR Green – welded & rivetted tanks, early & late BR crests
      • BR Black – welded & rivetted tanks, early & late BR crests
    • Fowler 3,500 Gallon Tenders
      • LMS Crimson
      • LMS Post-War Black
      • LMS Experimental Blue
      • BR Green – early & late BR crests
      • BR Black – early & late BR crests
  • Customisable lamp arrangement (locomotive and tender)
  • High Intensity lamps for mainline running
  • A selection of headboards:
    • The Great Britain
    • Cathedrals Express
    • Cumbrian Mountain Express
    • The North Wales Coast Express
    • Welsh Marches Express
  • Customisable loco numbers, controlling the following features:
    • Number
    • Nameplate (automatically selected by the loco’s number)
    • Builders Plates (automatically selected by the loco’s number)
    • Dome & top-feed types
    • Smokebox saddle type
    • Chimney type
    • Shed plate code
    • Lamp codes (front and rear)
    • Headboards
    • Yellow cab stripe (BR Green only)
    • Locomotive condition
  • Realistic performance physics
  • Realistic regulator and steam chest simulation
  • Vacuum Brake Ejectors
  • BR ATC simulation
  • Injector simulation
  • Gauge Glass blowdown
  • Realistic adhesion model
  • Stunning fire and smoke effects
  • Directional sanders
  • Functioning isolation valves in cab
  • Steam heat simulation
  • Opening cab doors, windows and vents
  • Gauge vibrations at speed
  • Performance mode for less powerful PCs
  • Water Scoop
  • Automatic Fireman
  • 5 engaging scenarios
  • 50 Quick Drive consists

This loco pack comes with 5 engaging scenario’s, to play the scenario’s included the following DLC (from steam) are needed.

Quick Drive Consists
This loco pack comes with 50 Quick Drive consists, to use the locomotive in quick drive, you will need the follow DLC (from steam).

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