Train Simulator: US Loco & Asset Pack

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US Loco & Asset Pack
Game Type DLC
Availability Steam
Developer Dovetail Games
Publisher Dovetail Games - Trains
Release Data 1 October 2009
DLC Type Assets
Price €11,99

The USA Loco and Asset Pack is aimed at users creating and using independently developed content for Train Simulator. If you install a route created by an external (third party) developer, they may specify that you require this asset pack in order to use their product.

This pack includes trackside detailing, trees and foliage, buildings, passengers and animals, as well as a number of US locomotives.

Location in RailWorks & Included in other DLC

Location in RailWorks
The Assets folder is located in: .\Assets\Kuju\RailSimulatorUS

Included in Other DLC on Steam
This DLC is included in other DLC:

Included Rolling Stock

With this DLC there are several loco's and rolling stock included.
Below is an overview of the Rolling Stock seperated in type of wagons and loco's.

This pack includes 3 type of loco's in several different livery's.


  • ES44AC Black
  • ES44AC UP
  • ES44AC UP Heritage


  • F7 A Unit DRGW
  • F7 A Unit SPRR
  • F7 A Unit UP w/lights
  • F7 A Unit UPRR
  • F7 A Unit Warbonnet
  • F7 B Unit DRGW
  • F7 B Unit SPRR
  • F7 B Unit UPRR
  • F7 B Unit Warbonnet


  • SD40-2 Black
  • SD40-2 BNSF
  • SD40-2 BNSF Heritage
  • SD40-2 BNSF Snoot
  • SD40-2 Unweathered
  • SD40-2 Weathered

Passenger Wagons
There is 1 type of passenger wagon included in several livery's.

ACF Chair Car

  • ACF Chait Car DRGW
  • ACF Chair Car SPRR
  • ACF Chair Car UPRR

Goods Wagons
In the US the railroads are mostly used for freight so a large selection of Goods Wagons are included. They are seperated in type and each have several livery's.
Container x2 Stack

  • Container x2 Stack Gold 01
  • Container x2 Stack Gold 02
  • Container x2 Stack Gold 03
  • Container x2 Stack Red 01
  • Container x2 Stack Red 02
  • Container x2 Stack Red 03

Hopper 2-Bay

  • Hopper 2-Bay Blue
  • Hopper 2-Bay Brown
  • Hopper 2-Bay Cement Brown
  • Hopper 2-Bay Cement White
  • Hopper 2-Bay Green
  • Hopper 2-Bay Red
  • Hopper 2-Bay White

Hopper 3-Bay

  • Hopper 3-Bay Brown
  • Hopper 3-Bay Cement Black
  • Hopper 3-Bay Cement Blue
  • Hopper 3-Bay Green
  • Hopper 3-Bay White
  • Hopper 3-Bay Yellow
  • Hopper 3-Bay White

Hopper Coal Gondola

  • Hopper Coal Gondola Brown
  • Hopper Coal Gondola Green
  • Hopper Coal Gondola Grey
  • Hopper Coal Gondola Orange
  • Hopper Coal Gondola Red
  • Hopper Coal Gondola Silver
  • Hopper Coal Gondola Yellow

Tank 16,000gal

  • Tank 16,000gal Black
  • Tank 16,000gal Blue
  • Tank 16,000gal Brown
  • Tank 16,000gal Green
  • Tank 16,000gal Grey
  • Tank 16,000gal Silver
  • Tank 16,000gal White

Van Auto Rack

  • Van Auto Rack Brown
  • Van Auto Rack Yellow

Van Box Car

  • Van Box Car Brown
  • Van Box Car UP Brown

Van Caboose

  • Van Caboose Black
  • Van Caboose Blue
  • Van Caboose Grey
  • Van Caboose Red
  • Van Caboose Silver
  • Van Caboose Yellow

Van Refrigerator

  • Van Refrigerator UP White
  • Van Refrigerator White

Wagon Steel Coil

  • Wagon Steel Coil Brown
  • Wagon Steel Coil White