Train Simulator: European Loco & Asset Pack

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European Loco & Asset Pack
Game Type DLC
Availability Steam
Developer Dovetail Games
Publisher Dovetail Games - Trains
Release Data 1 October 2009
DLC Type Assets
Price €13,99

The European Loco and Asset Pack is aimed at users creating and using independently developed content for Train Simulator. If you install a route created by an external (third party) developer, they may specify that you require this asset pack in order to use their product.

This pack includes trackside detailing, trees and foliage, buildings, passengers and animals, as well as a number of UK and German locomotives.

Location in RailWorks & Included in other DLC

Location in RailWorks
The Assets folder is located in: .\Assets\EisenbahnwerkRW\*
The Assets folder is located in: .\Assets\GermanRailRoadsRW\*
The Assets folder is located in: .\Assets\Kuju\RailSimulator

Included in Other DLC on Steam
This DLC is included in other DLC:

Included Rolling Stock

With this DLC there are several loco's and rolling stock included.
Below is an overview of the Rolling Stock with provider first, type (loco/wagon) and then country (for Kuju section).

EisenbahnwerkRW is a provider in the Pack, containing the following items.

  • BR52 Engine
  • BR52 Engine OEBB
  • BR52 Tender 4T30
  • BR52 Tender 4T30 OEBB

GermanRailRoadsRW is a provider in the Pack containing the following items, split into Loco's, Passenger Wagons and Goods Wagons.


  • Class 143 DB Red
  • Class 151 DBAG Red

Passenger Wagons

  • ABn First RE Red
  • Bn Second RE Red
  • BDnzrf RE Red

Goods Wagons

  • GR Falns-Cargo
  • GR Falns-Cargo Coal
  • GR Falns-Cargo Gravel
  • GR Falns-Cargo Sand
  • GR Fas126-Cargo
  • GR Fas126-Cargo Coal
  • GR Fas126-Cargo Gravel
  • GR Gbs 254
  • GR Ibbhs
  • Omm52 BB

Kuju Kuju has a massive pack with German and UK Loco's and Rolling Stock (Passenger and Goods Wagons).

Loco's Germany Electric

  • Class 101 DBAG Black
  • Class 101 DBAG Blue
  • Class 101 DBAG Red
  • Class 101 DBAG Silver

Loco's Germany Diesel

  • Class 294 DBAG Blue
  • Class 294 DBAG Red
  • Class V 200 DB AB Blue
  • Class V 200 DB AB Red

Loco's UK Diesel

  • Class 37 BR Blue
  • Class 37 BR Blue & Ploughs
  • Class 37 BR Green
  • Class 47 BR Blue
  • Class 47 BR Green
  • Class 47 Intercity S
  • Class 47 Large Logo
  • Class 47 Rail Express
  • Class 47 Triple Grey
  • Class 55 BR Blue
  • Class 55 BR Green

Loco's UK Steam

  • 7F Engine BR Black
  • 7F Engine Prussian
  • 7F Tender BR Black
  • 7F Tender Prussian
  • Black5 Engine BR Black
  • Black5 Engine BR Green
  • Black5 Engine Rusty
  • Black5 Tender BR Black
  • Black5 Tender BR Green
  • Black5 Tender Rusty

Multiple Units Diesel UK

  • Class 43 Blue
  • Class 43 BR Blue
  • Class 43 FGW
  • Class 43 InterCity S
  • Class166 DMOCL FGW
  • Class166 DMOCL NSE
  • Class166 DMOCL White
  • Class166 DMOS FGW
  • Class166 DMOS NSE
  • Class166 DMOS White
  • Class166 MOS FGW
  • Class166 MOS NSE

Passenger Wagons Germany

  • Avmz First IR Blue
  • Avmz First IR RED
  • Bimz Second IR Blue
  • Bimz Second IR RED

Passenger Wagons UK

  • Mk1 First BR Blue
  • Mk1 First SR Green
  • ]Mk1 Guard BR Blue
  • Mk1 Guard SR Green
  • Mk1 Second BR Blue
  • Mk1 Second SR Green
  • Mk2 First BR Blue
  • Mk2 Guard BR Blue
  • Mk2 Second BR Blue
  • Mk3 Blue
  • Mk3 BR Blue
  • Mk3 Buffet Blue
  • Mk3 Buffet BR Blue
  • Mk3 Buffet F Blue
  • Mk3 Buffet F FGW
  • Mk3 Buffet FGW
  • Mk3 Buffet InterCity S
  • Mk3 First Blue
  • Mk3 First BR Blue
  • Mk3 First FGW
  • Mk3 First G Blue
  • Mk3 First G FGW
  • Mk3 First H Blue
  • Mk3 First H FGW
  • Mk3 First Intercity S
  • Mk3 Guard A Blue
  • Mk3 Guard A FGW
  • Mk3 Guard BR Blue
  • Mk3 Second B Blue
  • Mk3 Second B FGW
  • Mk3 Second C Blue
  • Mk3 Second C FGW
  • Mk3 Second D Blue
  • Mk3 Second D FGW
  • Mk3 Second E Blue
  • Mk3 Second E FGW
  • Mk3 Second FGW
  • Mk3 Second InterCity S

Goods Wagons Germany

  • Container Flat KBS Blue
  • Container Flat KBS Green
  • Container Flat KBS Orange
  • Container Flat KBS Twin
  • Hopper Eanos x052
  • Hopper Kkt
  • Hopper Ktmm
  • Van Shimmns
  • Wagon Ssylms
  • Wagon Ssylms Tractors

Goods Wagons UK

  • Container Flat FSA Blue
  • Container Flat FSA Green
  • Container Flat FSA Red
  • Container Flat FSA Trio
  • Container Flat FSA Twin
  • Hopper 16t Mineral
  • Hopper HAA
  • Hopper HTA
  • Hopper PCA
  • Tank Milk
  • Tank TTA Black
  • Tank TTA Blue
  • Tank TTA Green
  • Tank TTA Grey
  • Van BR Standard
  • Van Cattel Cows
  • Van Cattel Goats
  • Van Cattle Sheep
  • Van LMS Brake
  • Van SR Brake
  • Wagon 5Plank
  • Wagon 7Plank